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> Any person aggrieved may file written complaint before Lokayukta Jharkhand for his Grievance against any action of any Public Servant of Jharkhand Such complaint should be filed within 12 months from the knowledge of the impugned action.

> "Grievance" means a claim by a person that he sustained injustice or undue hardship in consequence of maladministration;

> Any person other than a public servant may file written complaint
before Lokayukta Jharkhand
making Allegation
against any action of any Public Servant of Jharkhand
Such complaint should be filed within 5 years from the date the action have taken place.

>"Allegation" means any affirmation that such public servant has abused his position as such to obtain any gain or favour to himself or to any other person or to cause undue harm or hardship to any other person. Actuated in the discharge of the functions as such public servant by personal interest or improper, corrupt motives or guilty of corruption or lack of integrity in his capacity as such public servant.

>Public servant includes
Minister, Secretary or Officer of Jharkhand as defined under the Act.
It also includes any notified Local Authority, Corporation, and Govt. Company or Registered Society of the Jharkhand and there head & deputy.

>Each complaint should be supported with an affidavit.

> Judicial stamp duty of Rs. 4.70 is payable with each complaint.

>Lokayukta if deem fit may treat a letter as complaint send by a person who is in police custody or in a jail or in any asylum or other place for insane person.

>For the purpose of investigation and collecting the evidence the Lokayukta have all the powers of civil court.

> Any information obtained by the Lokayukta or members of his staffs during investigation or proceeding shall be treated as confidential.

>No complaint will be entertained if -
► It relates with the appointment, termination, salary or service condition etc. of the public servant or otherwise specifically barred; or
► the complainant has or had any remedy by way of proceedings before any tribunal or court of law:
Provided that the Lokayukta may conduct an investigation notwithstanding that the complainant had or has such remedy if he is satisfied that such person could not or cannot for sufficient cause have recourse to such remedy. or
► The Supreme Court or the High Court has issued any direction, order or writ under Article 32 or Article 226 of the Constitution of India in respect of the matter mentioned in the complaint under investigation.

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